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Satellite TV
Quality digital audio
and video.
Security Systems
Welcome your guests and
create additional revenue.
High-Speed Internet
High Speed Internet at
a cost you can afford.

Paying Too Much for Cable? Would You Like to Choose Only Those Channels Your Customers Really Want?

Then you've come to the right place. Crystal-Clear.TV offers a better solution than cable—at a price you can't afford to pass up. As the leading Western Regional DirecTV affiliate, we offer a variety of solutions for:

  • Satellite Television
  • High Speed Internet
  • Hotel Information Channel

With Crystal-Clear.TV's DirecTV Satellite Television Broadcasting, most properties only need one satellite dish for the entire property, and YOU choose the channels. Your Satellite Television Broadcasting can be programmed with as few as 20 channels—or as many as you want. AND you have the flexibility to change the DirecTV Satellite channel line up according to your customer's wishes. The best news is–you don't ever have to call DirecTV. We do it  for you with savings as much as 80% when compared to cable TV and other satellite providers.

But that's just part of what we have to offer. How would you like to have your very own Hotel Information/Welcome Channel? With Crystal-Clear.TV's Hotel Information/ Welcome channel packages, you may design your own television programming AND create additional revenue streams. Crystal-Clear.TV's Hotel Information/ Welcome channel packages include everything from simple channel listings—all the way to a complete Channel Guide and programming with your property information, a welcome screen for your guests when they arrive, and advertising from local businesses–creating additional income. Crystal-Clear.TV makes it easy for you to choose the Hotel Information/ Welcome channel package that fits YOUR individual need.

Did you know High Speed Internet is the number one service travelers demand today? With Crystal-Clear.TV's High Speed Internet—and/or WiFi Internet connections— you now have the opportunity to satisfy even the most discriminating traveler. AND High Speed Internet is easier than you think. Whatever your internet connection system is, Crystal-Clear.TV can use wireless or your existing phone wiring —saving you thousands of $$ over new cable installation!

Your business is keeping your guests happy. Our business is keeping you happy with:

  • Satellite Television Broadcasting
  • Hotel Information/Welcome channel
  • High Speed Internet
Packages that come with a broad range of customized choices that fit every budget. Nobody offers more variety or more choices than Crystal-Clear.TV.

Why not contact us today? We promise we have a package guaranteed to meet YOUR needs.

Be sure to ask about our large and multiple property discounts!


130 East Dyer Rd. Suite B
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Fax: 714-433-3558